The Steady Physician provides physicians and physician executives with the self-awareness, agility, connection, and balance to achieve maximum fulfillment and effectiveness in their careers and lives.

Are you a physician or physician executive who feels...

  • Burnout and a lack of inspiration in your current professional situation?
  • Demoralized and cynical about the healthcare system you work in?
  • Unsure whether you want to continue working in the medical field?
  • Overwhelming pressures from the top down?
  • As if you’re being pulled in multiple directions?

Your distress is not your fault!

Our modern healthcare system is experiencing an extremely rapid and chaotic industrialization. Changing demands and diminished control create the perfect recipe for these feelings of helplessness.

Leveraging his 32 years of work as a psychiatrist and physician leader and his experience in the corporate world, Dr. Dale Giolas’ SteadyDoc coaching program provides you with the mindset, tools, and strategy to break through these barriers.

Discover your level of steadiness and fulfillment as a physician or physician leader.

A Steady Physician Defined