The Steady Physician with Dr. Dale Giolas, MD who leverages his 32 years work as a psychiatrist along with his experience in the corporate world.


It’s Not Your Fault

When I started practice, medicine was still primarily a “cottage industry”. Since then, we have experienced an extremely rapid and chaotic industrialization which has left many of us feeling bewildered, stressed, and unsteady. This is true whether we are practicing on the “front line” or functioning as leaders in rapidly changing organizations.

In either case, we have experienced increased and shifting demands along with diminished control. This is a perfect recipe for the experience of helplessness. In fact, this is one of the models used to induce depression in lab animals.

The impact of this sense of helplessness is directly correlated with the compassion that attracted us to medicine in the first place. The caring which contributes to our ability to be good doctors makes us more vulnerable in our current healthcare environment. Interestingly, it has been shown that the higher the degree of narcissism, the lower the presentation of burnout.

Your distress is not your fault!


As your coach, I function as a catalyst helping you to progress by helping you identify and achieve your personal and/or professional goals. By serving as your “thought partner” I assist you in reaching your goals by training, advising and guiding you.

Unlike my previous work as a psychiatrist where the focus was on moving patients from a state of dysfunction to “normal”, coaching provides me with an opportunity to work with people seeking to progress to a new and more fulfilling “normal”.

(Please note that I no longer offer clinical psychiatry services which include diagnostic evaluation, psychotherapy, medication management and case consultation. My entire professional focus has shifted to providing focused coaching and consulting services to people seeking to identify and progress toward new and positive goals both personally and professionally)