My Approach to Executive Coaching


Just as in Life Coaching, as an Executive Coach, my client and I enter a synergistic relationship in a judgement free space where I act as a catalyst for their progression toward goals.

However, while the executive coaching focus is narrowed to the workplace, the goals are broadened to include both the professional performance of my client as well as the overall success of their organization.

I believe there is a dynamic relationship between the leadership performance of my client and their personal satisfaction. Improvements in one drives progression in the other. Using a systems approach, I address goals in each of these dimensions simultaneously.

This involves not only attending to how the executive performs the tasks of their position, but also how they manage their emotions and interpersonal relationships. I work with my client to deepen their understanding of themselves improving their ability to manage their emotions, particularly under stress.

This concept is known as Emotional Intelligence, (EI). The flipside of EI is Social Intelligence, (SI), involving an understanding of others and managing relationships with them. Again, as each drives the other, I utilize a systems approach to catalyze the development of both congruently. This multidimensional approach deepens insight which, in turn, drives behavior.

Not only does this process determine and enhance core competencies, but the client also learns to strengthen and work around weaknesses. The leader becomes more adaptable, agile, patient, and confident. They manifest greater creativity and innovation as they build and motivate the teams that drive the company. In summary, my client and I enter a synergistic relationship within which I catalyze progression by impacting several interrelated dimensions: