Life Coaching


My definition of coaching is the process of catalyzing the progression of my client by helping them identify and achieve their personal and professional goals.

How I Coach

By driving a synergistic dialogue with my client in a judgement free space, I help you to harness their potential toward a more meaningful and ideal life.

As your coach, I will become your strategic thought partner, with both of us leading and following as we drive your progression.

For my part, I stimulate you using my expertise in asking the right questions, at the right times to elicit the right activities to get you to your goal.

By providing support within a positive structure, I provide a “forward facing force” toward a more meaningful life.

From an empathic, yet objective standpoint, I will, when the time is optimal, provide you with clarifying feedback and advice to foster your progression.

Another important component is accountability. I will not let you get stuck or veer off your path as we all can do when approaching this kind of transformation on our own.

While I may lead with my inquiry, you, as the client will lead with your answers as we delve in to your ambition, motivation, values, and vision. We will also identify your challenges as well as inner and outer obstacles which might be getting in the way of unlocking your potential.

The process I am describing catalyzes your progression through the discovery of solutions, the application of strategies, and the spurring of action toward your goals.