Dale Giolas, MD

Founder and Professional Coach
Even before I was born, my Greek grandmother and Polish mother were both convinced that I was meant to be a doctor. Therefore, I’ve always considered it my destiny to work in healthcare.

I received a bachelor’s from Purdue University, medical degree from Indiana University, and completed my residency in psychiatry at the University of Illinois.

My clinical and leadership careers were intertwined from the beginning. My practice was full within six months, and within 10 years, I had built a group of 25 practicing clinicians. I also spent 12 years as the CMO of a large behavioral health system in suburban Chicago.

It was then that I had my foray into the corporate world. After seeding a small technology startup called Askesis Development Group, I worked as CMO for 5 years and was heavily involved in the development and marketing of their product, PsychConsult.

In my 5 years with the company, it went from 1 customer and 2 employees to 14 customers and 30 employees. Subsequently, I created my own company, Catalyst Integrations, which made the power of PsychConsult affordable for small groups.

Whether serving as a practicing physician, a healthcare system leader, a corporate executive, or a physician coach, I hold a range of perspectives within the medical field.

When I learned about the practice of physician coaching, I knew that my unique perspective would be valuable to others working within the healthcare system.

After receiving my Certified Professional Coach Certificate from The College of Executive Coaching in Arroyo Grande, CA, followed by my Certified Physician Development Coach™ at the Physician Coaching Institute in Seattle, WA, I developed The Steady Physician.

With a focus on the pivot point of healthcare delivery--the doctor-patient interaction--I have a high level of enthusiasm and dedication for helping physicians and physician leaders feel as supported, emboldened, and effective as possible.

Learn more about my Physician Coaching and Physician Executive Coaching programs and how they can help you unlock the mindset and tools necessary for an effective and fulfilling career!

(Please note that I no longer offer clinical psychiatry services which include diagnostic evaluation, psychotherapy, medication management and case consultation. My entire professional focus has shifted to providing focused coaching and consulting services to people seeking to identify and progress toward new and positive goals both personally and professionally)

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